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What are the Best Mattresses for Back Pain?

As anyone who’s ever suffered from it can tell you, there’s nothing worse than back pain. Although there can be many underlying causes to the ailment, the best way to prevent it is to support proper alignment of the spine. One of the times you are most at risk of developing any problems with your back is actually during sleep, as your body is horizontal and stationary for a long period of time. This is why (whether you’re prone to back problems or not) it’s a good idea to invest in a mattress that supports your back. The best type of mattress for this is usually a medium-firm one, as it’s strong enough to provide a stable bed for your body to lie on but not so hard that it hurts your muscles either! Below is a list of the 5 best medium-firm mattresses available for those with back pain, referenced from this article:

1. Sealy Millionaire Bad Backs Mattress

The Sealy Millionaire Bad Backs Mattress is a mattress designed with the help of certified medical professionals and members of the British Chiropractic Association, so you’re in good hands here! It measures 200cm in length and 150cm in width, with 27cm in height. Weighing at 38kg, it is considerably heavy, but for the comfort it provides, it’s worth it!


  • The hand-tufted buttons on the mattress are spread evenly over its surface and help stitch the outer layer of the mattress to the internal parts. This adds extra tension to the springs, which makes the surface more comfortable to lie on!
  • The mattress will retain its shape for years to come, thanks to the inner workings of its twice-tempered spring system. This is extremely durable and will keep its structural integrity, regardless of your weight.
  • The Millionaire has a thick knitted layer that covers both sides of the mattress, so you’ll get the same level of comfort no matter what side you sleep on.
  • It also comes with an added 5-year warranty!


  • It is a little bit more expensive than other models, but the unanimously positive reviews speak for themselves. If you need a durable yet comfortable mattress to counteract a bad back, this is it.

2. AmazonBasics Extra Comfort 7-Zone Pocket Spring Mattress Medium Firm for Bad Backs

An Amazon Basics product with a few dozen positive reviews, the Extra Comfort 7-Zone Pocket Spring Mattress is an affordable and quality mattress that is designed to help with back pain. Its dimensions are 190cm in length by 135cm in width, with a height of 21.5cm. It is considerably lighter than some competitors with a weight of 25Kg, which is great if you’re lifting it upstairs yourself!


  • The mattress offers two different sleeping surfaces; one side has high resilient recovery foam, and the other has very comfortable polyurethane foam.
  • The 7-Zone support system distributes weight evenly, allowing relief from discomfort for back pain.
  • The individually wrapped springs inside make the mattress more durable and stronger structurally. Although you can feel yourself sink down when you lie on it, each part of your body will only sink to a level that is comfortable and reduces strain.
  • The open cell structure of the foam prevents moisture that in turn decreases the likelihood of mould or odour building up.
  • The anti-allergen Medicott cover is also extra soft and fully breathable, built with material that repels dust mites and bacteria from accumulating, giving you peace of mind that you’re sleeping on a mattress that is not only comfortable, but free from any undesirable elements as well!


  • The Medicott cover can’t be tumble dried.
  • Results may not be instant; the mattress will take a week or so to get used to your body.

3. Happy Beds Orthopaedic Open Coil Spring Medium Firm Tension Mattress with Reflex Foam for Back Pain

This is one of the most popular overall products on Amazon UK, with every one of its 1000 user reviews being positive. It weighs 35kg and its dimensions measure 180cm in width and 200cm in length, with a height of 25cm.


  • Medium-firm tension support is supplied by the open coil spring system inside the mattress. The upper layer allows the body to sink into the foam slowly, whilst the inner workings remain firm and don’t lose their shape.
  • A hand-tufted Belgian Damask fabric adds increased durability and extra tension, which connects to the internal components for added sturdiness and structural integrity.
  • Both sides provide the same level of comfort, so as long as the mattress is flipped every couple of weeks (the side stitched handles allow for easy rotation), it will ensure longevity!
  • Its material is made to be fully breathable and protects against moisture and odour from being absorbed into the inner core. What’s more, the material is fire retardant, and made with UK standards of health and safety.
  • There is a 5-year warranty included!


  • If we want to nitpick, it’s not quite as firm as other mattresses on the list.

4. Silentnight Back Pain Mattress Dreamworld Mirapocket 1200 Moonstone

The Silentnight Back Pain Mattress is a premium-end product that has even been approved by the National Bed Federation! The super king size measures 29cm in height, and 180cm in width by 200cm in length (weight unspecified).


  • The mattress employs Mirapocket technology, which involves a set of springs each housed in their separate fabric pockets, which distribute a person’s body weight evenly across the bed, allowing for comfort and longevity of the mattress.
  • There is also “zonal support”; each section of the mattress supports the weight of individual body parts differently ensuring that proper alignment of the spine is allowed, whilst also providing a soft and comfortable surface.
  • The inner parts of the mattress are held together with joint stitching and a white fibre layer that not only provides the deep, soft filling, but also prevents dust particles from accumulating.
  • The material it is made from is breathable and odour repellent whilst also being anti-allergic and 100% natural, meaning you won’t have to worry about any irritating triggers that could otherwise prevent you from enjoying a good night’s sleep!


  • Really, just its price; it is considerably more expensive than the other models.

5. Leesa Premium Foam Back Pain Mattress UK Made

Between the 10-year warranty and the abundance of positive reviews, there are a good few reasons why the Leesa Premium Foam Back Pain Mattress is definitely one to consider. The standard double size mattress measures 180cm in width by 200cm in length with a height of 25cm and weighs 38kg.


  • The mattress is comprised of three stacked layers inside. The top is made of Avena foam, a 2-inch thick layer of breathable foam used exclusively be Leesa in their products. The middle layer is also 2 inches thick and provides the role of pressure relief, behaving as the alternative to zonal support systems. Realistically, it gives you the best recovery surface when compared to other models, as you get the comfortable feeling of sinking down into the mattress, yet your body stays fully supported. The bottom contains a 6-inch layer of yet more supportive foam keeping the body from sinking down, which is what creates the medium-firm support!
  • Even though it can’t be rotated due to the position of its internal layers, the mattress is highly breathable and anti-allergic, meaning mould and odour won’t be an issue.
  • Due to its size, the mattress is robust, very sturdy and recovers well from any pressure.
  • With a 10-year warranty, longevity is pretty much guaranteed!
  • With its durability, tension and also comfortable surface, the mattress has been pretty much proven to significantly decrease back pain and provide a better night’s sleep for those suffering from back problems.


  • It’s more expensive than other models, and quite a big unit to carry as well!

The Verdict

Doing a search for “best mattress for back pain” is likely to yield a wide variety of search results, and not all of them will meet your requirements. To help narrow down your search, you should ask yourself what you’re really looking for. All of the mattresses on this list offer relief from back pain, yet also come equipped with other benefits such as being anti-allergen or being highly breathable. While all of their properties are desirable in a mattress, you should prioritise whichever one you are most in need of. If that is simply relief from back pain during the night, then any mattress that is medium-firm and made of quality material will be appropriate.

Of course, checking a product’s reviews or where it is manufactured also gives a good impression of its quality and standards. If you’re interested in a mattress, try and find somewhere you can test it, or at the least make sure it has been reviewed thoroughly. The warranty also helps with peace of mind but is not totally necessary if the mattress is well made.

No one mattress will suit all people, but as long as it is medium-firm and has an appropriate support system in place (be it springs, foam or a combination of the two), then it should help lower your back pain, no matter what shape or size it comes in.

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