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sprung mattress

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket sprung mattress is a great production in the world of comfortable mattresses. This mattress is specially designed to provide you with complete relaxation and full of comfort. As compared to usual mattresses, a pocket mattress has pairs of individual springs that ensure the heights of comfort whether you are […]

Hybrid mattress

What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

“Hybrid” is a word generally used to describe something manufactured from a combination of different components, and which is always an enhanced version of the initial creation. So when we talk about the hybrid car, for instance, we’re talking about a vehicle that is powered by an internal combustion engine […]

mattress for back pain

The mattress that will relieve back pain

As we all know, most times the mattress you have will contribute largely to your posture and general health. This is because you spend almost half of your lifetime in bed taking a rest from a long day. Therefore, mattresses can either lighten up your day’s mood with a good […]

how to clean your mattress

How to Clean your Mattress

You wash and clean a lot of things in your home, whether it be clothes, dishes, the countertop, and your own body. One thing that often goes uncleaned is something you use every day: your mattress. In this article, you will learn the importance of cleaning your mattress, how often […]

Mattress Brands in the UK

A Guide to the Best Mattress Brands in the UK

Mattress companies vary across the world, so it is always important to find the mattress company that creates the best mattress in your area. In the UK, there are several reputable companies that create some of the best mattresses on the market. In this article, you will learn more about […]

pocket sprung mattress

Top 6 Benefits of a Pocket Sprung Mattress

Perhaps one of the most undervalued pieces of furniture you own is your mattress. If your mattress is out-of-date and doesn’t support you very well, you could end up with severe back issues, sleeping problems, and other not-so-fun problems. But, you are not alone. According to the Center for Disease […]

Eve UK King Mattress White and Yellow

When it comes to a mattress, keeping it very simple is critical yet packing it with all the right features. This is what Eve has done with the Eve UK King Mattress 200 x 150 x 25 cm (Amazon Link). It’s a unique piece of design, beautifully done with the […]

Snug Mattress Super 750 Coolmax Zoned Memory Foam Mattress

The Snug Mattress Super 750 Coolmax Zoned White King 5 Ft Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon Link) is a great choice if you’re looking for a dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic choice. It’s also a pressure-relieving mattress sensitive to temperature. Considering its various features and advantages it’s worth checking out. Always have […]