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What is Hypoallergenic Mattress

What is Hypoallergenic Mattress?

Every time we sleep, we shed dead skin cells and a great amount of sweat from our bodies. These wastes from your body accumulate on your sleeping mattresses creating a perfect habitat where allergens thrive successfully. Considering we need seven to eight hours of sleep every day for our body […]

pocket sprung mattresses

What Do More Springs in a Mattress Mean?

Sleep is important for everyday living; it replenishes us with energy, helps de-stress, and reduces the chance of getting ailments such as diabetes or heart disease. It is a well-known fact that we spend about a third of our lives asleep, and for some, even more in our beds. Mattresses […]

what are the benefits on orthopedic mattress

What are the Benefits of an Orthopaedic Mattress

The Greek word “ortho” is a prefix meaning straight, upright, or correct. Orthopedic, relating to the correction of deformities within bones and muscles, is exactly the goal of orthopedic mattresses. These types of beds are great for everyone from developing young children to older people looking for ways to maintain […]

UK Bed and Mattress Sizes

UK Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Historically speaking, many things are different in the United States and any other European country. We all know that French fries in the US are chips in the UK. Or how we use different units of measurement in the UK than in the US. Even in the world of sleeping, […]

what type of mattresses do hotels use

What type of Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

What type of Mattresses Do Hotels Use? Have you ever had an amazing sleep in a hotel and wondered what type of mattress they use? Well, you are not alone. After a long day of standing and presenting in conferences, you might have ended up sleeping in one of the […]

benefits of a latex mattress

What are the Benefits of a Latex Mattress?

Thеrе аrе mаnу reasons whу people аrе turnіng tо thе Latex Mаttrеѕѕ аѕ аn alternative to uncomfortable іnnеrѕрrіng mаttrеѕѕеѕ аnd ѕmеllу mеmоrу fоаm. The lаtеx mаttrеѕѕ hаѕ become mоrе аffоrdаblе than еvеr and іt hаѕ allowed many people to realize thе аdvаntаgеѕ that lаtеx оffеrѕ. Thіѕ grоwіng аwаrеnеѕѕ has added […]

pocket sprung v memory foam mattress

Pocket Sprung Mattress vs Memory Foam

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Does your back or neck hurt all the time? These may be symptoms of having a bad bed. If you have an uncomfortable bed then you should consider getting yourself a new one to sleep on. I know buying a new bed is […]